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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I've never heard a satisfying explanation of how, exactly, Saddam is 'contained' right now and has been for the past 12 years. They just state, oh he's contained, why can't we leave him that way so we don't have to go to war. Please tell me how he is contained. Has he been prevented from working on WMD? Well...no. We have dozens of people in court in Germany right now for selling him proscribed items. We know that clandestine oil sales bring banned items through places like Jordan and Syria. If Saddam is contained and deterred, why exactly is he still pursuing these weapons? Well...don't the inspectors contain Saddam by making it so that he can't deploy any WMD. Okay, let's, for the sake of argument, say that is true. They are not preventing him from continuing his pursuit. So, do we leave inspectors in Baghdad forever under the assumption that he will never be able to deploy his weapons? Do we leave the sanctions in place that long? Assuming, of course, that, contrary to history, the French Germans and Russians don't just bide their time and then undermine those forms of 'containment'? What do we do when Saddam has a nuclear weapon and tells the inspectors it is time to leave, or else? Is that the moment it is legitimate to act? When he can threaten a US or European city if we interfere with another invasion of Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf?

If you think Saddam is 'contained', please explain to me how North Korean 'containment' has been such an abysmal failure since the moment of its inception? How will the 'containment' of Saddam be any different?

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