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Friday, March 21, 2003

Interesting. It seems the people of China may be getting decent coverage of the war in Iraq.

It reflected a new policy finalised after the Communist Party Congress last November to allow the media, still state-run but increasingly drawing private investment, to take greater advantage of a lucrative advertising market, analysts said.

"They have ordered so-called 'up-to-minute reporting, objective reporting and substantive reporting' - that's the policy that's been set," said Yu Guoming, a media expert at People's University in Beijing.

"The decision came from the top," he said. "This is first time we've really seen it in practice."

State television giant CCTV hit the ground running with the first cracks of anti-aircraft fire fed by CNN from Baghdad.Two CCTV channels have cut into regular programming to air speeches by U.S. President George W. Bush, Iraqi counterpart Saddam Hussein and other key developments.

Not sure that I buy into that. It is acountry that still denies that the Tienemen Square massacre even happened.

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