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Friday, February 21, 2003

How about that. A Nobel Peace Prize winner talking sense.

Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble turned down an offer to become a human shield in the event of a war on Iraq, it was disclosed today. Mr Trimble was one of a number of Nobel Peace Prize winners invited to Baghdad by three professors at a German university to discourage bombing raids should war be declared.

In an open reply to the professors, the Ulster Unionist leader said he believed Saddam Hussein was "a very clear threat to the region".

He also said he did not recognise any "mad rush" to war.

"Its (the US) policy has unfolded slowly and deliberately, just as it did over Afghanistan," he said.

"President Bush went to the United Nations and called on it to ensure compliance with its own resolutions.

"He continues to seek a solution through it. It is those who unreasonably obstruct that search through their dislike of the United States or President Bush who pose a serious threat to the United Nations and the collective security that has given peace and democracy to so much of the world."

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