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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Hooray for them.

But critics say France should stop playing host to leaders who in some cases are under investigation by international courts for crimes including torture and genocide.

"I suppose the lunches and dinners will give these leaders an opportunity to drink to the health of populations that are being massacred," said the president of the Federation of Human Rights Leagues, Patrick Baudoin. Another activist, Dobian Assingar, said France "must stop laying out the red carpet for criminals".

Meanwhile there's Chirac with his new buddy Comrade Bob.

Here's another story about the protest.

On the day European Union travel sanctions were renewed for a year against him, his wife and about 70 other members of the Zimbabwean leadership, the Zimbabwean President arrived in the French capital by private plane and checked into the five-star Plaza Athenee hotel near the Champs Elysees.

There he is protected by 40 riot police.

The Mugabe entourage has blocked off one side of a non-smoking floor, occupying rooms 323-356, including a presidential suite costing $8250 a night.

Meanwhile half the population of Zimbabwe is threatened by Mugabe's Famine.

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