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Tuesday, February 25, 2003


HMCS Iroquois will sail out of Halifax harbour on Monday for the Persian Gulf, about five months ahead of schedule.

The ship wasn't supposed to go back on duty until July, and the captain and crew received their orders only 10 days ago.

The Iroquois is considered a high-readiness ship, meaning it can set sail anywhere in 10 days, but the orders did come as a surprise, leaving the ship's officers and crew scrambling to meet the schedule.

The Iroquois just came back from the Gulp in April, so the crew has had to make some fast farewells.

But the ship's commander, Capt. Paul Maddison, says, " The crew is ready to go."

"We have a number of operations team training serials that are in progress. We have just completed a naval boarding party team training serial which means my boarding party is in all respects good to go," said Maddison.

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