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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Hmmm. A bit of a break going on here?

Germany is sending more soldiers to Kuwait to serve in international anti-terrorism efforts, a small but symbolic step meant to show that its refusal to back an Iraq invasion is offset by solidarity with the United States on another front.

The 30 soldiers will depart next week, joining nearly 60 already stationed in Kuwait as part of a U.S.-led task force on the lookout for attacks involving germs, poison gas or radiation, German Defense Minister Peter Struck said Wednesday.

Germany changed its tune in NATO when we isolated them from a France that refused to vote to send defensive forces to protect Turkey in the event of a war. Along with France and Belguim the Germans argued that it was a provocative move. But now Germany sends anti-terror troops to Kuwait? They still insist that there will be no German troops in combat against Iraq but, still this is an interesting move. I wonder if Gerhard ran it by Chirac beforehand? Or is it a move to mollify the members of his own government questioning his recent anti-American stances.

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