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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

How foolish and blind some people can be in their ideological haze. A group of EU MP's are going to Iraq for a 'fact finding' mission.

Ms Lucas said: “We are making a symbolic demonstration of the strength of opposition to war against Iraq and of the growing feeling that there is another way to handle this. “There is no question of us handing a propaganda coup to Saddam Hussein. We are not seeing members of his regime and our trip has been arranged through the United Nations, to look at the potential human impact of war – the risk of food shortages and epidemics."

She thinks that because they are going through the UN they will not be the tools of Iraq's propaganda? She thinks they will not be manipulated and made to see only what Saddam wishes them to see? Even the UN inspectors are are faced with carrying out their mission while laboring under the eyes of five Iraqi minders for every inspector.

“We have to remember that in reality any war will be a war not just on Saddam Hussein, but on Iraq, and the 23 million people in that country must not be forgotten.”

Apparently she doesn't have as strong a desire to stop the war Saddam has waged on those 23 million for the past few decades.

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