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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

The Asia Tribune asks why Jimmy Carter why not the Sri Lanka Foursome who brought about peace, facilitated by the Norwegiens, in the decades long battle in Sri Lanka. I can tell them why and I'm sure most of you can. I have a felling they know the answer, too.

Our contention is why Jimmy Carter, at the cost of the Sri Lankan leaders? There is a change of heart in the midst of the Sri Lankan leaders. They are all determined to bring about peace in Sri Lanka. And they work untiringly towards this noble goal. This change of heart and search for sustained peace, qualify the Sri Lankan leaders for the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2002.

Unfortunately, Norway failed to recognize the will and determination of the Sri Lankan leaders. Norway failed to take into consideration that these are the very Sri Lankan leaders who accepted Norway as their facilitator in search of durable peace in Sri Lanka. Norway failed comprehends that the Nobel Prize for Peace would have been an additional fillip in reinforcing their determination in consolidating peace in Sri Lanka?

Therefore, it is time that Norway should come up with an explanation, why the Sri Lankan foursome was purposely denied with the Nobel Prize. Every Sri Lankan feels it as big let down by Norway.

If Norway fails to reply for its lapse, then it would mean that Norway has no reply and would also will not come forward explain and reply for any future eventualities.

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