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Friday, August 02, 2002

Apparently things weren't always peachy in relations between al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

A July 1998 letter from two militants blamed bin Laden for hurting relations with the Taliban with his showmanship. His "obstinacy, egotism and pursuit of internal battles" had alienated Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and strengthened a "corrupt stream" within the Taliban that wanted to make a deal with the Americans to kick out the terror network, the letters said.

The long letter said that bin Laden's "troublemaking" had so frayed relations with Mullah Omar that the Taliban had shut down one Arab camp. And "talk about closing down all the camps has spread." In short, it said, addressing bin Laden, "We are in a ship together, and you are burning it."

The newspaper report said Mullah Omar had considered ousting bin Laden until the United States responded to the bombing of two of its embassies in Africa in August 1998 by launching missiles against Afghanistan and Sudan.

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