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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Lance added more than two minutes to his overall lead today. The end of the race is on CBS at 2pm Sunday afternoon. Turn it on, Lance is a true American nad possible the best athlete of his generation (which is my generration as we are the same age), and it should be pretty incredible to see him come across the line. As it mostly goes in Europe, the elite and governments dislike all things American but the people fell much closer to us so I expect quite a welcome and maybe even alot of American flags awaiting him at the finish line.

In the spirit of 'full disclosure', I am a mountain biker. I did a little racing a few years back so should hate roadies but I always thought that was a load of crap we're all on bikes that's all that matters, enjoy it and get over the fact that we ride different surfaces. Besides Lance proved himself on the trails a couple of years ago and admitted it was the most physically draining race he had ever been in.

If you bike and are looking to get move to the high end, I suggest foregoing the honor of paying $1,000 bucks for a sticker and a couple of thousand more for the bike (a la Klein or Cannondale or Trek. All good but you're paying a good chunk of cash for their marketing). Go with a small time custom builder. I ride a Cherry Bomb. It is the best bike I have ever ridden. Every time I go back over a trail I find I can do something I couldn't do before and it loves to fly on the downhills. It can be tough John makes every bike himself and can only make so many a year, so it may take a few months but it is worth it. Sure you can go get a big name bike but, if you are having problems can you pick up the phone and call the guy who built it to ask him what he thinks (your shop mechanic may know bikes but not as well as the guy who made it)? Or pick up the phone and tell the builder, who is enthusiastic about his bikes as you are, how great your first ride was?

I used to work at an engineering firm and all of the machine shop guys (especially the head welder) were seriously impressed by the craftsmanship that had gone into the frame. I get as good if not a better ride than pre-built bikes two or three times more expensive.

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