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Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Good answer to that most stupid of reporter's questions. How do you feel? A CNN reporter interviewing a couple who lost their daughter in a terrorist attack asked the question:

CNN: Can you give me some idea of the feelings that you are going through right now?
Chen: Do you have children?

CNN: I do.
Chen: Do you have a mother that you love, that loves you? Just close your eyes for one second, but be honest, yes? Just close your eyes and try to imagine the pain, try to imagine them without a skull. That's the last sight I saw of my daughter - on the pavement, no skull, in a puddle of blood. If people who have children will have the guts to close their eyes and imagine it for one second - and I know it's hard - they'll know the horror. There is no other way to explain it - it's horror and my heart is bleeding. That's all I can say. That's how I feel.

She has an even more moving answer about how she feels about the people who did it:

CNN How do you [Chen] feel about the people that did this?
Chen: I think it's all about education. I still believe a person is born pure. A baby is born pure. But, I was never taught to hate! This is not my way, this is not my mother's way, this is not my father's way. Even now I can't hate [voice breaks]. I wish I could! It would have helped me, but I can't. What can I do? It would have helped me, but I cannot hate. And I think that they [the PA] are raising a generation of kids brought up on hate, and I don't see any hope, not for the next 20 years, if what their kids are taught from text books - are horrific things. Horrific.

This is the warning she has for Europe:

I ask the Europeans: Do not tolerate murder! I don’t want to use the word terrorism, because it’s banal. Do not tolerate murder, do not appease the terrorists! Not for oil, and not because you're scared - because the more fear you show, the faster it's going to be on your doorstep - and then, G-d help you, because you gave it legitimacy. And my baby’s blood is just as precious as any French blood -- G-d help these hypocritical people

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