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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Australia ia making an effort to start screening more material enetering the country by sea and air. Why haven't we heard about this type of work here?

"We already have in place 100 per cent X-ray of high-volume, low-value material coming into Australia and 100 per cent X-ray at Australia Post of parcels coming into Australia," Senator Ellison told reporters.

"Now we're extending that scrutiny to the private sector, to those independent carriers, and we will be taking that level of inspection up to 70 per cent of all air cargo coming into Australia."

Although shipping containers are still not being screened at anywhere near an acceptable level.

The new Port of Brisbane X-ray facility will examine up to 60 containers a day, or 15,000 per year, of the total 450,000 containers which pass through the port each year.

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