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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

What is wrong with this statement? The European Union must be turned into a “grand political project” which will pave the way for a “supranational democracy”, Commission President Romano Prodi said today. He called for a foreign policy run from Brussels, a “political voice” behind economic coordination – and new tax-raising powers to finance EU policies. It all amounted to “a constitutional framework for a united, democratic Europe”

Could be that the EU 'government' is not based in democracy. But Prodi uses that word a lot in his speech. How full of contradictions could his position be?

“Building a Europe-wide democracy does not mean building a superstate.” He then goes on to say: “The EU needs to take the first steps towards developing its political identity in the fields of economic policy, foreign policy and justice and security – that is, in all those areas where the citizens are calling for a greater EU presence.” “If Europe is to increase its influence on the world scene and be a creditable partner for the United States, it must speak with a single voice on all aspects of external relations.”

He will...raise the prospect of the Commission, rather than individual governments, representing the EU at international meetings. Signor Prodi is also looking to expand the Commission’s existing powers to table draft legislation on most aspects of European policy to include the politically sensitive areas of foreign policy and home affairs. But he is not looking to create a 'superstate' that supracedes the national governments.

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